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In addition to providing a photo stock library of images for reproduction, we can also provide daytime or evening presentations on the Hebrides. Whilst these are primarily aimed at camera clubs and photographic societies, they may also be of interest to other clubs and organisations such as U3A. We prefer to provide shows within the Home Counties to minimise travelling, but would be prepared to consider venues further afield.

We can also accept short notice bookings e.g. 6 hours’ notice, if I am available.

These shows are personally presented by Ruari Cumming, ARPS who holds a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). He is also an accredited judge with the Southern Counties Photographic Federation, part of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), who awarded him the Federation's “Roll of Honour” for his contribution to club photography over many years. He has taken all the pictures used & creates these 2 hour shows with great care and dedication. As a professional photographer, a reasonable charge is made for personally presenting the shows, based on a fixed fee plus mileage related travel expenses in-line with PAGB rates.

We supply all the equipment needed (laptop, digital projector, speakers and even a screen, if needed).

The shows available at present are:-

An Eye on the Hebrides” - A photographic tour through the Hebrides. An evening of wonderful images, some history and a few humorous stories, all accompanied with AV sequences and captivating music.
For further information see “An Eye on the Hebrides

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

“...the best AV show we have ever seen” - Bracknell Camera Club
“...presentation was absolutely stunning, we were all inspired by your pictures” - Princes Risborough Photographic Society
“...mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the Hebrides & the truly exceptional standard of Ruari's work” - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club
...a fantastic presentation matching quality images with superb music” - Oxford Photographic Society
...the show was superb and the standard of the talk and quality of the pictures were truly excellent” - Burghfield Camera Club
“...the quality of your images, knowledge of your subject and beautiful music captivated everyone's interest. Comments received were:-“Absolutely stunning” - “Brilliant photography” - “Why didn't I think of taking that shot from that angle”. It was a pleasure to meet you, an inspiration to us all” - Chertsey Camera Club

The Island Dream” - An exploration of the islands on the edge, their isolation & fragility, their charm & allure.
We meet some islanders who have chosen to live “the island dream”, as well as joining visitors whilst they explore a Hebridean island.
For further information see “The Island Dream

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

“...Your skilled artistic photographic eye brought us sequences, perfectly balanced, of countryside, nature and social documentary. The scenes we felt we were there on the island with you, just brilliant” - Bracknell Camera Club
“...All the images were absolute perfection, a joy to see, and it was a pleasure to listen to your commentary” - Alton Camera Club
“...It is always a pleasure to hear someone talk about their passion and with Ruari you get completely immersed in the experience. His professional AV delivery was great, the sequences were well compiled and the angle he chose to approach the subject was engaging” - Marlow Camera Club
“...Ruari very cleverly chose music to fit in perfectly with each sequence, interspersed by his lively & poetic narration to make this a highly professional presentation & a most memorable evening for all. His photography must rank amongst the best” - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club

“ really was an outstanding presentation, and I was so impressed by the way you combine expert professionalism with easy informality” - Princes Risborough Camera Club

Hebridean Hopscotch” - The concluding part of this highly acclaimed Hebridean trilogy. Footloose we sail on a voyage criss-crossing the Sea of the Hebrides, to visit islands not seen before, explore past times and revel in the hidden beauty these islands display, as well as a challenge or two.
For further information see “Hebridean Hopscotch

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

“...perfect blend of history, nature, stunning landscape sequences and personal involvement with the islands, presented in a highly professional manner along with changes of pace and ambience” - Bracknell Camera Club
“...this final chapter of the story was, by far, the best. A highly personal and emotional evening with some of the finest photographs seen for a long time” - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club
“...Ruari charted his close relationship with the islands, the people who live there and the life they lead. He always adds something new and gave an interesting and beautifully illustrated talk, including personal times past and a couple of triumphs” - Marlow Camera Club
“...a very interesting and professional presentation that was clearly a very personal and emotional story, starting with you as a boy and taking us through your travels in the Hebrides, onto your final planned journey into the sands.  Many wonderful stories along the way from the land, the sea and the sky and not forgetting the sand patterns, the Three Peaks and the story of Donald MacKay, the tweed weaver.  A very entertaining and informative evening” - Newbury Camera Club
“...A skilfully produced and enlightening audio-visual show, with carefully chosen musical accompaniment, coupled with a lively commentary from Ruari, the presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all present” - South Reading Camera Club

Another World, Another View” - Ever wondered where the Archbishop parks his motor bike, or where Columbus sailed from, or even where you catch a flight to Monte? Leaving the Hebrides behind, looking further afield, beyond the surface of other places. We spot the interesting & the amusing, the visually stunning & the absurd. We explore the way of life, both past and present, giving us a different view of familiar places in this ever changing world we live in.
For further information see “Another World, Another View

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

“...a wonderfully crafted presentation that demonstrates Ruari’s superb skills with a camera together with inspired music that brings the sequences alive.  A show that is definitely more than the sum of the individual parts and leaves you wanting more and wondering what will come next” - Bracknell Camera Club

“...It goes without saying that the images were of a high quality and the transitions mind-blowing at times, but for me it was your choice of music that added tremendously to the enjoyment of the evening” - Ludshott Photo Club
“...The audio-visual techniques that Ruari used to present his images were very advanced and produced stunning results, and even included short video sequences to enhanced subjects like steam trains and a chairlift ride!
At the end of the evening, most members were feeling that they would like to jump on a plane and visit or re-visit some of the places we saw, such was the atmosphere the show created. We hope to see another of Ruari's presentations in the not too distant future.” - Reading Camera Club

“...Walk on a pyroclastic flow, explore a Cornish tin mine, lose yourself in the streets and canals of Venice and much more. This is Ruari at his best with thought provoking images and a stunning audio visual presentation.” - Haslemere Camera Club


A Window on the World - Ever wondered where the Norse landed on our shores, or what a beach hut costs, or even where those lemons on the fruiterer’s stall come from? With the Hebrides way behind us our journey continues to new lands and peoples. From medieval castles to sun kissed olive groves of the Mediterranean, places rich in history and culture with a drop of human madness thrown in.
For further information see “A Window on the World

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

...This is not a travelogue but a show demonstrating how one can use photography to explore an area with a view to highlighting so much of what goes on around us. Photography is a powerful medium for telling stories and Ruari combines his camera skills with his attention to detail to bring us a highly enjoyable evening.” - Bracknell Camera Club

...A wonderfully varied selection of images from around the world, combined with a great selection of music and a light dusting of Ruari humour proved to be a hit with the members last night. We learnt where lemons originated, how much a beach hut costs and saw himself in shorts; what more could you want from an evening's entertainment? It was a master class in the art of putting together an interesting and varied AV show and should act as an inspiration to anyone to have a go themselves. - Yateley Camera Club

...Ruari's AV presentation of his images, which swept and unfolded on the screen before us, to musical accompaniment, was just superbly produced. A lovely evening of images and commentary. Expect we'll see you again!” - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club


Beyond Capricorn - Travelling over 34,000 miles, across three Continents, we leave Europe to cross the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator to Singapore. Then southwards, across the Tropic of Capricorn to Sydney before roaming Australia’s east coast and the searing heat of its red centre. Then out across the Tasman Sea to spend 37 days touring New Zealand, one of the few places in the World that still retains its old world British colonial atmosphere, attitudes & charm. This presentation can’t possibly cover all the places seen in this ten week tour, but with wonderful scenery and memorable places, perhaps it will inspire some to go “Beyond Capricorn.
For further information see “Beyond Capricorn

Review notices from just some of the clubs who have seen this show are:-

...It was, as usual, an excellent and entertaining evening full of stunning vistas and all photographed to a very high standard, using music most apt to each sequence. Notable sequences included the Whitsunday Islands, Kings Canyon, Lake Matheson and the road to Aoraki (Mount Cook). Overall, a highly engaging talk coupled with professional photography and well-crafted AV sequences.” - Bracknell Camera Club
...We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and were once again impressed by your artistry and manipulation of the pin sharp images plus your personal narrative. Since our original chance meeting in 2010 we have felt privileged and delighted to have followed so many of your travel presentations. We do hope that your planned river cruise through Central Europe and later South Africa may yet produce something magical for the 'eyes of the world' to enjoy.” - Philip and Doreen Smith
...A joyous journey visiting faraway lands without the effort of leaving the UK. Ruari gave us a taster of places that are truly spectacular coupled with his trademark professional AV sequences.” - President BCC
...Another top class AV presentation from Ruari Cumming ARPS featuring Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Many of us will never get the opportunity to visit the antipodes and this programme will help fill that gap. For those who have been down under it will surely bring back memories. From the tower blocks of Singapore and Sydney to the islands of the Whitsundays and North and South Islands of New Zealand, Ruari shows it all, backed all the way by carefully chosen titles and music. Highly recommended! To sum up in a word, as ever, “Spectacular” - Haslemere Camera Club
“...Now that was a good travelogue and what a distance we travelled that evening! We started off in the humid heat with images of Singapore with its soaring glass towers, its bustling waterfront and its orchid collection before flying across to Australia. Here we travelled up the east coast, starting from Sydney with its iconic bridge and Opera House. Then across to the centre - the Red Centre as he calls it. Then off again, this time to New Zealand where Ruari drove us down to the south and the fjords. Phew!! Not only did we enjoy his still images, but Ruari interspersed this with video sequences which brought the whole trip alive. It was great to travel along the lakes and fjords to view the dramatic scenery. Ruari has a good eye for the oddities seen along the way too. And of course, there were wonderful views of Mount Cook. What a great evening with superb images, videos and commentary! Thank you Ruari for sharing your experiences Down Under with us which we thoroughly enjoyed!” - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club